Summary of Terms & Conditions for 'Hourly Driver Hire'

This is a summary of the main terms and conditions on which the offer is made.

  1. The Company shall supply to the Client a private hire vehicle and driver to undertake journeys specified by the Client and agreed by the Company.
  2. The Company shall ensure that both the interior and exterior of the vehicle meets the standards set within the Company guidelines.
  3. The Company shall ensure that the vehicle and driver records meet the required standards set by the Public Carriage Office (PCO).
  4. The Company shall ensure that the driver holds a valid driving licence and appropriate hire / reward insurance and all other required documents are valid.
  5. Where practical the Company will ensure the timeliness of the vehicle when collecting and delivering the client to his/her respective destinations.
  6. Where there are possible timeliness issues (breakdowns, traffic etc) the Company undertakes to notify the Client as soon as possible and where possible make alternative arrangements.
  7. The Offer is restricted to within a 6 mile radius of the pick-up address.
  8. In the event of a booking going into 'overtime' on packages 4, 6 or 8-hours you will automatically move into the next price bracket, i.e. if you booked the 4 hour package and went into 4.5hrs, you would then be charged for the 6 hour package. In the event of going into 'overtime' on the 10 hour package, you will be charged £35 p.m. thereafter.
  9. Each package, there will be only 1 Airport visit permitted should it fall within the 6 mile radius of the pick-up point. However, should this fall outside of the 6 mile radius, then an airport visit will be permitted, but this will have to be confirmed at the time of booking.
  10. All package prices quoted are Cash only. Should you wish to pay by Credit Card, the price will be subject to a 20% increase, plus VAT.
  11. The Directors of Gullivers London Ltd, reserve the right to withdraw this 'Offer' or any other promotion without notice.
  12. In the event of a passenger being sick in the vehicle, there will be a charge of £150 + the cost of the fare at the time of the journey. The £150 will include a full valet at £50 and loss of earnings of £100.In the event that a client alters the agreed journey the Company reserves the right to re-calculate the fee.
  13. In the event that a Client cancels a booked journey without sufficient notice - i.e. less than 2 hours - the Company reserves, the right to charge a cancellation fee.


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